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2018 Penang Eco 100  

Event Date: 

2018 Penang Eco 100 Howei Event

2018 Penang Eco 100 
Bukit Mertajam Penang, Malaysia
12th May 2018 - 13th May 2018
7.00am, 1.00am, 2.00pm, 4.00am
RM127.63 - RM659.43
Endurance Nature Sdn Bhd
8th Apr 2018


First launched in Aug 2015, Penang ECO 100 is the 1st ever ultra trail event in West Malaysia with 50km and 100km category.  In the 2nd year of May 2016, an additional category of 100 miles was added.  In the 3rd year of 2017, an additional category of 30km was added.

Held in Bukit Mertajam (Penang, Malaysia), the 30km, 50km and 100km categories start from the eco village of Sungai Lembu, taking runners through oil palm plantations, rubber plantations, pineapple plantations, several Malay kampungs Chinese new villages, and Indian temples, paddy fields, the challenging hills of Seraya, Mengkuang, and the by now iconic Tokun Hills. This race showcases the typical Malaysian geographical, social and cultural heritage where the runners will meet and see ordinary Malaysian people and wild lives, flora and fauna in the rural settings with a distinct small town feel. During the race, the runners will be sampling the local cuisines in the food and drinks provided at the aid stations along the course of the race. 

This is designed to be an international race, with the objectives of attracting foreign and out of state runners to visit Bukit Mertajam.  The 2017 edition has attracted close to 120 foreign participants from 22 countries.

Penang Eco 100 is part of the Asia Trail Master series, being accorded the status of Super Trail of Asia Trail Master.  All the race categories of 30km, 50km, 100km and 100 miles earns qualifying points for Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) and Ultra Trail Mount Fuji (UTMF) as well for 2018.  We are committed to ensure that Penang Eco 100 will continue to be part of Asia Trail Master, and to be a qualifying race for future editions of UTMB.   Furthermore, Penang Eco 100 is also a member of the RunTheWorld ultra races series.  

Event Schedule

2018 Penang Eco 100 - Event Schedule

2018 Penang Eco 100 - Event Schedule

Flag Off

Category 30km 50km 100km 100Miles
Date 13th May 2018 13th May 2018 12th May 2018 12th May 2018
Start Time 7.00am 1.00am 2.00pm 4.00am
Cut off Time 4.00pm 8.00pm 8.00pm 8.00pm
Duration 9 hours 19hours 30hours 40hours


Race Kit Collection

Date:  10th May (Thu) - 11th May 2018 (Fri)
Time:  11.00am – 6.00pm 
Venue:  E-Red Cosmo Alma Hotel,  G 32, Lorong Seri Alma, Pusat Perniagaan, Seri Alma, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.  

GPS Location:https://www.google.com/maps/dir//5.3318898,100.4852486/@5.331549,100.4833013,17z/data=!3m1!4b1

For runners who are NOT ABLE to pick up the race packs during 10 – 11 May 2018:

100 miles: You may collect them at the Tokun Hill car park (starting venue) from 2:00am to 3:00 am Sat 12th May 2018 before the 100 Miles race start at 4:00am Sat 12th May 2018. 

100 km:  You may collect them at Chinese Primary School Sungai Lembu (starting venue) from 12:00pm to 1:00 pm  Sat 12th May 2018 before the 100 km race start at 2:00pm.  

50 km: You may collect them at Chinese Primary School Sungai Lembu (starting venue) from 10:00pm Sat 12th May to 12:01 am 13th May 2018 before the 50km race start at 1:00am Sun 13th May 2018. 

30 km: You may collect them at Chinese Primary School Sungai Lembu (starting venue) from 1:00pm Sat 12th May to 6:00 am Sun 13th May 2018 before the 30km race start at 7:00am Sun 13th May 2018.  

Category and Fee
Categories and Fee

Participant Entitlement
All participants will stand to receive the following entitlement:
Howei Shirt Symbol Howei Medal Symbol  Howei Food Symbol

  • Finisher Medal
  • T-shirt
  • Light Refreshment

T-shirt Design
* To Be Confirmed

T-shirt Sizing Chart
2018 Penang Eco 100 - Tshirt Sizing Chart

Medal Design
* To Be Confirmed

Route Map

2018 Penang Eco 100  - 30km Route

2018 Penang Eco 100 - 50km Route

2018 Penang Eco 100 - 100km Route

2018 Penang Eco 100 - 100 Miles Route

Online Registration is Closed!

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Event Location 

Eco Village of Sungai Lembu

Event Organiser 

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