APMG-Penang Cross Channel Torch Swim 2018  

Event Date: 

APMG Penang Cross Channel Torch Swim 2018

APMG-Penang Cross Channel Torch Swim 2018
R&R Bagan Ajam, Butterworth
2nd September 2018
7.00 am
RM202.31 - 431.23
31st July 2018


Welcome to the APMG Penang Cross Channel Torch Swim 2018 event ! 

This is a great opportunity not to be missed for all avid swimmers to experience this challenging and exciting swim. A rare occasion for you to swim across a very busy shipping channel.  Moreover this year's event coincides with the Asia Pacific Master Games 2018 torch bearing event ! 

The torch bearer will swim across the channel to Penang Island, as a grand finale in the 4 months relay around East Malaysia and Malaysian Peninsular. 

This year's swim will flag off from mainland Prai and finish off at Penang Island. 

R&R Bagan Ajam Butterworth

The last Penang Cross Channel Swim event was held in 1988. It was restarted in 2015 and has since become a landmark annual swim event in Penang. It has attracted both local and overseas swimmers and boosted tourism in Penang.

The Penang Cross Channel Swim is a unique and challenging swim event in which many open water swimmers either fear or return to swim again every year. No doubt most would proudly register this as their great and memorable swim

Organising this event is not an easy task as permissions need to be obtained from the port authorities and the marine. They play an important role in coordinating the flow of passing vessels, thus ensuring the utmost safety of the swimmers.

Calling upon all open water swimmers, pool swimmers and newbies to open water.  

This is once in a life time swim not to be missed !  

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  • Swam in Open Water for the past 12 months
  • Able to swim at least 2000m in a swimming pool

Health & Safety

There will be 20 to 30 safety boats, including boats from the Marine Police and Bomba for the entire route of the channel swim

On board will be qualified life-guards and medical personnel

In addition, there will be 8 to10 kayaks which will be able to move close to the swimmers with drinking water and provide help if needed

At the start finishing point there will be doctors and ambulances on standby for assistance

It is mandatory for swimmers to wear the Swimmer Safety Buoy throughout the swim

It is mandatory for swimmers to wear a full body swimsuit during the event

Full Body Swimsuit HoweiFull Body Swimsuit Hood

Kids Full Body Swimsuit


Flag Off

  • 8.00 am
  • Finishing Point: Ocean Green Restaurant

Race Kit Collection
* To Be Confirmed

Categories and Fees


Early Bird (RM) *

(1st June - 14th June 2018)

Normal (RM) *

(15th June - 31st July 2018)

Malaysian 202.31 223.60
International 383.32 431.23

*Inclusive of service fees & 0% GST

Participant Entitlements
All participants will stand to receive the following entitlements:
Howei Shirt Symbol Howei Medal<br />
Symbol  E-certificate<br />
Howei SymbolHowei Food Symbol

  • Swimming Gloves
  • Swim Hood
  • Swim Cap
  • Medal
  • Event Tee
  • Finisher Tee
  • Certificate
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Insurance
  • Bus transfer
    • 6am transfer from Penang Island to Mainland starting point OR 1.30pm Penang Island to Mainland after event
    • For non-swimmer transportation, please contact the organisers via email (pasapenang@gmail.com)

T-shirt Design
tshirt design cross channel swim 2018

T-shirt Sizes

Cross Channel T-shirt Sizes

Glove Sizes 

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Route Map

Online Registration is Closed!

Thank you for your interest in our APMG Penang Cross Channel Torch Swim 2018. event. We are sorry to inform you that the online registration for this event is now closed.

Event Location 

R&R Bagan Ajam, Butterworth

Event Organiser 

Penang Amateur Swimming Association Howei



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