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Plentong 2015: The international Mountain Bike epic ride  

Event Date: 

Plentong 2015

PLENTONG 2015 - the Epic ride

The ship has docked in Plentong and the Pirate Captain has announced " Plentong 2015 is back! Get ready to join us for the adventure into the mysterious & mystical wonders of Plentong !! "

There are only limited slots available, mark your calendar and stay tuned for the coming updates. It's as usual, we DON'T HAVE super extreme trails, no adrenalin pumping climbing, no emergency ward downhill, no cash prizes for ranking riders...maybe just a rusty metal medal at finishline.....arrrrr,  No 5star hotel lunch pack (our chef only knows how to prepare hot dogs). We also can't afford to provide you those colourful dri-fit jersey, perhaps a round neck cotton tshirt as momento. 

There is nothing grand about this event, it is a small gathering ride, back to the roots ride, for all real mountainbikers like you. 

This is not a race but there will be 4 available rider categories for ranking reasons (again..no cash prizes, just ranking stickers)

1) M-Men open ( 13 to 44)

2) L-Women open (13 above)

3) V-Veteran (Men 45 years and above)

4) S-Special (Fat Bike and Single Speed Bike - regardless of your gender)

And if there is question on why we don't have Junior categories??...…we want the boys & girls to grow as a fine rough and tough Men/Women of Plentong.

Our riding trails might not be as extreme as others.

We present to you just about +/-70 Km, with options.

The trail will be divided to 2 different loops with +/-35Km each.

You can try out Loop 1, the first 35Km Fun Roller Coaster trail. Collect the CP1 sticker.

Once you've reached the DD (Do or Die) interchange (within the cut-off time), you can decide whether to proceed to Loop 2 or chicken back to base camp. 

Loop 2 will be another +/- 35Km of Single Trail Heaven.

But remember, there will be NO U-turn or chicken trail once you proceed to Loop 2.

Whether you just complete the Loop 1 or both Loop 1 and Loop 2, you will received the same Finisher Medal.

The difference, Loop 1 medal is without ranking number and Loop 2 (with CP2 & CP3 stickers)  medal with ranking number.

Prepare yourself with enough of water. Top-up your thirsty camelbacks and bottles. Have your energy bars ready and any other source of nourishment. 

You have been warned to be SELF SUFFICIENT. 

The event will be flag-off at 8.00 am.

The event registration fee, remains the same as previous years, still RM50 only. NO GST??! Where else do you get a deal like this?

The registration will be via online means only. No SMS, No Whatsapp, no filling up unknown pieces of paper. 

We will share the link very soon. Keep your eyes peeled around noon early next week.

Please take note that the registration is exclusively open to 800 riders only.

Don't get surprised if the first 200 slots will be grabbed on the first registration day.

T-Shirt sizes will be on first come first serve basis.

Once again from all us , welcome back to the old-skool Plentong mountainbike playground. This is where all of you belong.

The PAIN is temporary, the PRIDE is FOREVER.


CYCLEMOTION 2000, Plentong, Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Ta'azim (Home Of Southern Tigers)

The details of the event as below:
Fee: RM50
Date: 3rd October  2015 (Saturday)
Time: 7.00am - 4.00pm
Venue: Plentong, JB

Collection for Plentong Epic Ride 2015 details as follows:

Date : 2nd October 2015 / 3rd October 2015
Time : 1430-1900 / 0600-0730
Location : Basketball court , Kg Baru Plentong
GPS Coordinates : 1°31'24.9"N 103°49'14.8"E
Address : Jalan Bunga Matahari, Kg Baru Plentong , 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia
Latitude: 1.523583 | Longitude: 103.820778

In waze you can enter Balai Polis Plentong, Masai. You will be lead in the right direction.

Local JOHOR BAHRU riders are advised and urged to collect their goodies on Friday. We do know there would be groups coming from out of town on Saturday, please do keep this slot for them.


Registration closed

Event Location 

Basketball court , Kg Baru Plentong ( next to Balai Polis Plentong)


Plentong, JB

Event Organiser