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Spring Run 2019 Four Seasons Series  

Spring Run 2019 Four Seasons Series

Spring Run 2019 Four Seasons Series
Anywhere ! 
1st March 2019 until 31st March 2019
Anytime !
RM 37 - 67
Spreen Event Enterprise
thespreen@gmail.com , 019-9141216
Facebook , Instagram
31st March 2019
5km , 10km, 21km , 42km

Welcome to the Spring Run 2019 Four Seasons Series event page!

You can start run on 1st March until 31st March
Submit your result between this date.
Delivery will be made RIGHT AFTER you complete your run. (except for registration with T-SHIRT due to custom production)

Why Spreen?

  • Trusted organizer
  • Freegifts
  • Affordable price
  • Fast delivery (we deliver medal RIGHT AFTER you finished your run)
  • Fantastic medal's design

What will you get?

-Medal as illustrated
-Optional t-shirt
-Free gifts:

  •  Extra clip for medal lanyard
  •  Keychain
  •  Sticker
  •  Free delivery

How to join?

1) Step 1 : Register & Pay

2) Step 2 : Run & Record using running app. Example Pacer, Racerunner, Strava etc.

*<You can run anywhere>

*<You can run in multiple segments>

3) Step 3 : Upload result to https://spreenapp.com/manual/howei/spring-run-2019

If you do multiple runs you need to upload it at once, not one by one.

4) Step 4 : Wait and receive finisher award!


1. What mobile app is acceptable?

Any app that record distance and time duration. Example; Pacer, Racerunner, Strava etc

2. Do you accept multiple run?

Yes, but it needs to be uploaded at once on this form.

3. Where do I get the e-cert and how do I track my parcel?

Once you submitted your result on that form, you will automatically create an account on spreenapp.com. You then can get e-cert and track the parcel on your dashboard. The account will be created for the purpose of getting e-cert and tracking parcel.

Tracking Your Run

Upon registration, participants need to run their distance in any location and time of their choice, alone or with friends, outdoors or on a treadmill anytime from 1st March 2019 till 31st March 2019.

After the run, the screenshot of the run results must be sent for submission. (It should contain the distance, timing and date of the run)

Submission of run results are to be made to https://spreenapp.com/manual/howei/spring-run-2019

Only available in Malaysia

Categories and Fees

  • Registration without T-SHIRT : RM 37
  • Registration with T-SHIRT : RM 67

Participant Entitlements
All participants will stand to receive the following entitlements:
Howei Shirt SymbolHowei Medal<br />
SymbolE-certificate<br />
Howei Symbol   

  • Finisher T-shirt
  • Finisher Medal  
  • E-Certificate 

T-shirt Design & Sizing Chart

T-shirt design


sizing chart

Medal Design

Medal Design