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Howei Ambassadors

Howei Ambassadors

Meet Ricky, Debbie, Shelin, Kevin and Andrew, our Howei Ambassador of year 2018! 

If you wish to know more about their sporting journey, feel free to follow them on Facebook!


Shelin the Cyclist  

Shelin Yong 



Shelin Yong, the rising cycling star who enjoys ultra-distance ride.

She has also shared many tips on training, nutrition,

sports psychology and cycling skills on her social media! Check her out.




Follow Shelin Yong here: Howei Ambassador Shelin Yong 

Ricky the Runner 

Ricky Matthews



Why do we run? For most of us, it is a way for us to keep

active and healthy. But for Ricky Matthews, there is always a

charitable cause ties with Ricky's running miles.


Follow Ricky Matthews here: Ricky's Marathon Madness 

Andrew the Cyclist

Andrew Koay



Andrew Koay, the one and only avid botak cyclist in Penang! He is very

passionate in sharing his exciting cycling journey and experiences!

Say hi if you ever bumped into him in major cycling events.


Follow Andrew Koay here: Howei Ambassador Andrew Koay

Kevin Kamal



"I am that kind of person who will never give up!" says Kevin Kamal,

our cheerful yet powerful Howei ambassador! He's 51 years old this

year but still doing what he loves and looks extremely youthful!

Follow Kevin Kamal here: Howei Ambassador Kevin Kamal