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Thank you for your interest in our Chap Goh Meh Run 2017. event. We are sorry to inform you that the online registration for this event is now closed.


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Terms & Conditions

1. Rule No. 1. Let’s have some fun! Yayasan Chow Kit and event consultant, Cyclic Sport envision the inaugural Chow Kit Run (CKR) as a strategic platform to raise fund while having fun for both the Foundation and Participants. 

2. The Organizers aspire to provide a unique running experience where participants could run at the heart of Chow Kit in a fun-theme mask of their choices, accompanied with background music of buskers on the street. 

3. This document is not meant to be exhaustive and must be read and complied together with future updates on rules & regulations, on which are to be communicated by e-mail and social media announcements. For this purpose, The Organizers expressly advise Participants to Follow Facebook Page: Yayasan Chow Kit. 

4. Participation: A Participant must be physically fit to enter the event. Upon completion of online registration set up by the Organizers, Participant is deemed as agreed to the Chow Kit Run 2017 Terms & Conditions. 

5. The Organizers endeavor our best to bring this running event to life. However, the Organizers may opt to cancel the event at short notice by reasons of force majeure i.e unavoidable occurrences. Where such scenario occurs, the next date will be announced accordingly.

6. No entry fees, additional orders or any costs will be refunded to Participants in the following case: 

a. Where Participant is unable to participate in the Event b. Where the event has to be cancelled for force majeure reason 

7. Liability: Safety is our priority. As the Organizers are doing our best to ensure the necessary requirements are met, participation is at the Participant’s own risk. Upon completion of registration, Participant is deemed to declare that he is of good physical and mental health to participate in this event. Any medical examination to be performed from Participant’s end is advisable where necessary. 

8. The Participant indemnifies the Organizers against liability of the followings: 

a. Any damages (including serious damages resulting from injury or death) suffered by Participant as result of the participation b.  Any damages suffered by third parties as a result of an act or omission relating to the event that is attributable to the Participant. 

9. Photography & Videography: Participant grants the Organizers the right to document materials in the form of pictures and recorded video involving the Participant at the time of the event. 

10. Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, the Participant grants the Organizers permission to use personal data of the Participant for the purpose of registration records and to provide personal data to third parties for the purpose of the same. Participants also grant the permission to publish his name and/or his organizations in the form of printed materials as well as virtual.