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General Rules Applicable to All Sports.

1.The Olympic Carnival Penang 2019 is open for all Malaysian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Malaysia only. 

2.Each participant is only allowed to participate in ONE (1) age category (e.g. either Under-12, Under-18 OR Open Category) and ONE in (1) sport only (e.g. either Badminton, Tenpin Bowling, Volleyball OR Sepaktakraw). 

3.Please note that a participant is allowed to participate in both a particular sport and the Olympic Carnival Penang 2019 Family Fun Walk.

4.A participant is allowed to participate in more than ONE (1) event in their respective category (e.g. Boys Singles U-12 & Boys Doubles U-12).

5.Only registered players who pay the registration fee are eligible to receive a Li-Ning T-shirt, certificate of participation and a lucky draw number. 

6.All participants who are under-18 years of age must get parental consent. Failing which, he/she is not allowed to participate in the Olympic Carnival Penang 2019.

7.The organizing committee shall not be liable for any injury or any eventualities that may occur during the tournament.

8.Players participate in this tournament at their own risk. The organizing committee and/or its officials will not be held responsible/liable for any mishap/accident which may befall any player during the course of the tournament. The organizing committee furthermore reserves the right, at any time, to ask for proof of identity or age or residence of any participant and to disqualify any participant whose particulars are not as recorded in his/her NRIC.  The entry fee of any participant thus disqualified shall be forfeited.

8.Each sport specific tournament rules also apply accordingly in addition to these general rules. 


1.All registration must be made on the official entry form only. 

2.Entry forms submitted without payment shall be rejected.

3.Participants may be asked to show proof of identity and/or age before or during the tournament. 

4.Participants can be registered via online here OR hardcopy entry forms are obtainable from the following venue and must be sent back to:

Majlis Sukan Negeri Pulau Pinang 

Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang

5.The closing date for all entries is 30th April 2019 at 5.00pm. 

6.Any irregular entries found (e.g. name and/or age not as NRIC) shall be disqualified and registration fee thereof shall be forfeited. 

7.Participants who are found to be non-citizen or non-permanent resident of Malaysia before or during the tournament shall be disqualified and their entry fee(s) forfeited.


1.Should there be further inquiries, you can contact the following: 







Mr. Kow Kok Leong

(Persatuan Tenpin Bowling Pulau Pinang)

012 - 4026355



Mr. Leong Kin Weng
(Penang Badminton Association)




Mr. Lucas Teoh

(Penang Volleyball Association)

017-479 4753



Tuan Haji Ismadi Abu Bakar

(Persatuan Sepaktakraw




Mr. Tan Kheng Hong

(Technical Head of Penang Olympic Carnival)

012 – 4282762





Mr. Christopher Koh

(Technical Assistant of Penang Olympic Carnival)

016 – 2887809



2.You can also visit the Penang State Sports Council for further information located at: 

Penang State Sports Council

Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

11700 Gelugor


Tenpin Bowling Tournament Rules

1.Current SUKMA training squad bowlers and former SUKMA bowlers of 2016 and 2018 are not allowed to participate in this tournament. 

2.It is opened to all athletes who are newly exposed to the sport of tenpin bowling with an average score of below 160 based on MTBC record.

3.Current and former national bowlers are not allowed to participate in this tournament.

4.The organizer reserves the right and the final say to reject any registration from a participant who is seen as non-beginner. 

1.Call for Entries

1.1.Entries are invited to participate in the above tournament to be held as follows: 







15 June 2019


(9.30am – 1.00pm)



(2.00pm – 5.30pm)


Aspiration Bowling Centre, Sunshine Square Bayan Baru, Penang


22 June 2019


Mega Mall Bowling Centre, Seberang Perai, Penang



1.2.Entry fees will be RM40.00 per bowler per event.

2.Tournament Format

2.1.All participants will play a total of FOUR (4) games. 

2.2.Participant with the highest knock down of pins inclusive of “handicap” shall be declared as the winner.

2.3.Female participant will be given a handicap of EIGHT (8) pin per game.

2.4.Veteran participant (above 53 years old) will be given a handicap of FOUR (4) pin per game (applicable to Open category).

2.5.Male junior participant (under 12 years old) will be given a handicap of SIX (6) pin per game (applicable to Open category).

2.6.Female junior participant (under 12 years old) will be given a handicap of TWELVE (12) pin per game (applicable to Open category).

2.7.The rules and regulations as laid down by MTBC/ABF/WB (Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress/Asian Bowling Federation/World Bowling) shall apply except when amended or modified for this tournament.

2.8.Any decision made by the Tournament Director with regards to the rules of the tournament is final.